About Us

We are an independent full service repair facility. Servicing domestic, import & light trucks. Our state of the art facility includes the latest diagnostic equipment. Our ASE Certified & ASE Master Technicians assure timely and cost effective repairs to your vehicle.

Mission Statement

Our ultimate objective is to serve our customers. We provide, second to none, quality and service in automotive repair. Being professional in our industry, we are committed to:  

  • Greeting our customers in a friendly manner.
  • Providing our technicians with the most sophisticated equipment and highest level of ongoing training.
  • Providing professional  and proficient automotive service to our customers, with work completed in a timely manner.
  • We will treat our customers and other service facilities with the level of courtesy and professionalism that we would expect ourselves.

Our Equipment at Precision Automotive

SUN 500 Scope

The SUN 500 is the latest in high tech diagnostic machines. Built around a Pentium class computer is a full diagnostic machine capable of analyzing a wide range of automotive systems. Individual tests ranging from engine compression to lab scope patterns help the technician determine the proper area to begin an in-depth diagnostic of a computer controlled vehicle. A full system test can include a printout showing areas in need of attention.

Snap-On Scanner

The Snap-On Scanner allows the technician to access a vehicle’s onboard computer system. The scanner can also be used to record data during a test drive on some vehicles to better isolate a problem. It can also monitor sensors and engine operating conditions. A very valuable and much used tool. You’d have to pry this from a technicians hands!

MotorVac Machine

The MotorVac carbon clean machine. This machine is hooked up the vehicle’s fuel system. Fuel pressure and volume is checked, and a special chemical is used to clean the entire combustion & fuel delivery systems. As engines get more mileage on them, carbon particles build up on top of the valves, around piston rings, and in air intake systems. This machine will remove these power robbing deposits, and also clean injectors and carburetors. You’ll definitely notice the difference after a MotorVac carbon clean! Good maintenance is to have a carbon clean every 30,000 miles.

Snap-On Charging System Analyzer

The Snap-On charger and charging system analyzer is used to charge low batteries, check the charging & starting systems. It is also used to load test batteries to determine if they can hold a charge as well as determine the maximum output.

Mitchell Database & Internet Computer

Our technicians have access to the Mitchell On-Demand Repair database to repair vehicles. Each technician also has internet connectivity at his toolbox where his laptop is located. With these tools he can find specifications, repair procedures, TSB’s and wiring diagrams to properly repair vehicles. The computer is also used to connect to the internet where there is an organization of professional technicians called i-ATN (International Automotive Technicians Network) http://www.i-ATN.net . Other techs can post problems they might be having with a particular vehicle that may be a difficult case. Last check registered over 72,000 technicians online from over 150 countries! Totaling over 1.6 million years of experience! A very valuable tool!

BG PF5 Transmission Flushing Machine

The BG PF5 transmission flushing machine. This machine is hooked up to an automatic transmission’s fluid lines. A special cleaner is added to the transmission, and the transmission is run through all gear ranges cleaning all vital valve body spool valves and filters. The transmission fluid is then pushed out as new fluid flows in. This gets ALL the old fluid out of the transmission. A conventional transmission service usually only removes 4-5 quarts of oil. An average transmission can hold 12 quarts! If the transmission fluid is noticed to be very burnt, a filter change and pan inspection should be performed before a PF5 service is done. A PF5 every 30,000 miles will keep the fluid clean and the transmission as trouble free as possible, longer than the average transmission service will.

Vacutec Smoke Machine

The Vacutec “Smoke” Machine. This machine is a safe approach to finding vacuum leaks on engines. An old way was to use a carb cleaner or propane to find leaks which wasn’t always reliable, let alone safe! Simply put, is pushes smoke into the engine, where a technician needs to look, and where there’s smoke, there’s a problem. Other uses include testing valves, exhaust leaks and many other devices.

Our Technicians at Precision Automotive

All of Precision Automotive & Transmission Inc.’s Technicians are ASE Certified.


Rick is an ASE certified Master Auto & Master Truck Technician. Rick also holds an ASE L1 certification for Advanced Engine performance, and is a Washington Ecology Authorized Emission Specialist. Rick is also our Webmaster here at Precision and handles all of our website development. Rick has been with Precision Automotive since 1993.

The Repair Bays at Precision Automotive

Our Repair Bays offer safe storage of your vehicle while it is being serviced or repaired. In addition, we have a secure lot adjacent to the building with room for additional vehicles. Although Precision Automotive is located in a nice North End neighborhood with approximately 25,000 cars passing the shop daily on Sixth Avenue, we take precautions to protect our clients’ cars and trucks left for automotive repair and servicing.

Our shop floor is coated with a new Epoxy Resin. This durable finish does not allow any oil, grease or anything to stick to it! No grease or oil on the floor means no grease or oil on our shoes that will end up in your cars interior!

All of our in-ground lifts are environmentally safe. Each hydraulic cylinder is encased in a spill proof container. Each lift can support up to 8,000lbs. Light cars to full size 3/4 ton pickups can be serviced with full under carriage access.

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We are an independent full service repair facility. Servicing domestic, import & light trucks. Our state of the art facility includes the latest diagnostic equipment. Our ASE Certified & ASE Master Technicians assure timely and cost effective repairs to your vehicle. We're currently associated with the following industries & information systems.